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Navy Eagle


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High Flight

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth

And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;

Sunward I've climbed and joined the tumbling mirth

Of sun-split clouds -- and done a hundred things

You have not dreamed of - - wheeled and soared and

High in the sunlit silence, Hovering there,

I've chased the shouting wind along and flung

My eager craft through footless halls of air.

Up, up the long delirious, burning blue

I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace,

Where never lark, or even eagle, flew;

And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod

The high untrespassed sanctity of space,

Put out my hand and touched the face of God.





An Inspired WW II Aviator:

John Gillespie Magee, Jr.

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Military Honors

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"Low Flight" - Helo Pilot's Lament


"A Navy Flyer's Creed"

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"Once I Was A Navyman!"

An Inspirational Essay - E. A. Hughes, FTCM (SS), USN (Retired)

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H.P. "Viking" Lillebo's: "Annotated Guide To NAVY PILOT'S LINGO"


Approach Magazine: March 2002

I Want to Be a Navy Pilot

by a Fifth Grader

I want to be a Navy Pilot when I grow up because it's fun and easy to do.

Pilots don't need much school, they just have to learn numbers so they can read instruments.

I guess they should be able to read maps so they can find their way if they are lost.

Pilots should be brave so they won't be scared if its foggy and they can't see or if a wing or a motor falls off they should stay calm so they'll know what to do.

Pilots need to have good eyes so they can see through clouds and they can't be afraid of lightning or thunder because they are closer to them than we are.

The salary pilots make is another thing I like; they make more money than they can spend; this is because most people think airplane flying is dangerous except pilots don't because they know how easy it is.

There isn't much I don't like, except girls like pilots and all the stewardesses want to marry them so they always have to chase them away so they won't bother them.

I hope I don't get air sick because if I do I couldn't be a pilot and I would have to go to work for a living.

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Here is more NATRACOM Choir music, for your listening pleasure!

This recording of  'Eternal Father'  (The Navy Hymn), is by 

the NATRACOM Choir  -at rehersal, at NAS Pensacola, in 1966